Meterani Electrical Design Ltd

An advanced consulting and planning office for electrical services
Real savings should begin and end with proper planning. Electrical systems designedto the last detail,implementation and use of new technologies, can save construction costs,as well as operating and maintenance costs over time.
Meterani Electrical Design Ltd
Advising and electrical design, using innovation and modern approach.
Whether it is a home, commercial or industrial, we Materanicompany, bring all the knowledge and tools to find the optimal solutions with creative thinking with consideration for each customer's needs.
Meterani Electrical Design Ltd
Supervision on the basis of advanced electrical infrastructure
Let us accompany you ....In our part we will be happy to provide the experience gained in projects of various sizes, from small to huge. We accompany the project from the stage of characterization and design to on-site inspection to verify and ensure the construction of electrical systems to the highest standards.
System design based on optimal maintenance
In our projects we are required to fit the building architecture, and also prepare the electrical system to periodic maintenance. Those two requirements may be sometimes hard to achieve. Those cases requires a creative solution, to keep the existing architecture and allow easy maintenance in the future. Our consultation office specializes in planning accordingly.
Economic and technological feasibility testing
Prior to making an investment it is essential to perform a feasibility test, in order to calculate how long will take to refund. For example: checking the profitability of a private transformers room, or connecting electrical monitors directly from the external net. Another example: testing changing the lighting system from fluorescent to LED.
Detailed and accurate Drawings
Every project big or small will requires an accurate planning.A detailed plan will provide an exact quantities to purchase. Openings, passages, electrical cabinets and communication racks or switch boards will be designed for optimal cost. Final drawings will come out designed to the last detail.

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